Conduct Due Diligence on DeFi Liquidity Pools

How to stay clear of exposure to criminal and fraudulent activity in the world of DeFi

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Get Industry-Leading Coverage of DeFi Protocols

TRM's risk management platform helps crypto funds, exchanges and custody providers identify and monitor risk when staking assets in DeFi liquidity pools.

Instantly view risk scores for a pool's smart contract address

  • Generate real-time risk scores for smart contract addresses calculated based on your firm's customized weighting of risk indicators

  • Monitor exposure to sanctioned entities, money laundering and financial crimes, and other illicit activities such as scams, hacks, and ransomware attacks

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Get intelligence on distinct types of risk exposure

  • See risks inherent to the address or entity itself — Ownership Risk — such as the presence of nested entities, parasite VASPs or chameleon shops

  • See Counterparty Risk due to flows to or from a risky entity or address, such as a sanctioned exchange or an address linked to hacked or stolen funds

Investigate risky counterparties

  • Dig deeper into the transaction history of a high-risk address, including smart contract calls and cross-chain activity

  • Map cross-chain transactions and entities in a singular, continuous frame for end-to-end visibility

map cross-chain transactions

Monitor continuously for changes in risk

  • Tune 150+ risk indicators to your firm's risk appetite and track changes to the scores over time due to new exposure

  • Easily record suspicious activities with collaborative case management

Industry-leading coverage of DeFi Protocols

Get TRM's extensive DeFi coverage, including all ERC-20 tokens (Ethereum), BEP-20 tokens (Binance Smart Chain) and SPL tokens (Solana).

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