TRM for Financial Institutions

Manage regulatory and reputational risk related to digital assets

Embrace digital assets with compliance peace-of-mind

Organizations around the world are recognizing the seismic opportunity presented by cryptocurrency and blockchain-based products. But to fully unlock the promise of crypto, financial institutions need to be confident in their ability to manage the evolving risk landscape — and to continue to fulfill their regulatory obligations.

Our blockchain intelligence tools provide a specialized view of the emerging risks and criminal typologies unique to crypto, but are secure and user-friendly enough to plug into existing anti-financial crime architectures.

Assess financial crime risk

TRM blends blockchain data with trusted threat intelligence to help you identify, mitigate, and act on crypto-related fraud and financial crime

Manage exposure to third-party risk

Detect potential financial crime risks associated with your crypto-related service providers, customers, and partners

Unlock new products and services

Launch crypto-related products and services with the risk intelligence you need

TRM wallet screening

Screen for high-risk wallets

  • Proactively screen for high-risk wallets, including explicitly sanctioned addresses and addresses associated with sanctioned entities

  • Continuously monitor wallets for changes in risk score

  • Link wallets to real-world entities in our database, with trusted data behind each record

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TRM transaction monitoring

Flag suspicious transactions

  • Monitor transactions across 1,000,000+ digital assets in real-time via API

  • Investigate alerts with an easy-to-use block explorer and graph visualizer

  • Record suspicious activity with collaborative case management

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trm know-your-vasp

Vet crypto service providers

  • See real-time risk profiles for thousands of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) and digital asset businesses

  • Identify high-risk relationships based on 150+ risk indicators

  • For entities requiring enhanced due diligence, order Know-Your-VASP reports securely within the platform

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TRM Forensics

Track the flow of funds

  • Trace the flow of funds across 28 different blockchains and 1,000,000+ assets, all viewed within the same graph

  • Access the largest and fastest-growing database of high-risk addresses, compiled by our dedicated threat intelligence team

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defi pool blue

Conduct Due Diligence on DeFi Liquidity Pools

Identify and monitor risk exposure when deploying capital in DeFi

"A slick and intuitive visualization tool."

U.S. Fintech

Unlock  new revenue lines with advanced compliance solutions

Take on crypto exchange customers

Use TRM Know-Your-VASP to vet and confidently onboard exchanges and other crypto businesses seeking banking services

Partner with digital currency platforms

Expand relationships with digital currency platforms and wallets while continuing to monitor financial crime and/or reputational risk they may pose

Add cryptocurrencies to your payment network

Process cryptocurrency payments and serve as a crypto on-ramp and off-ramp with TRM Transaction Monitoring and Wallet Screening

Allow customers to buy and sell digital assets

Enable customers to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies with TRM Transaction Monitoring and Wallet Screening

Launch stablecoins and tokenized assets

Monitor network activity and detect high-risk transactions with customized blockchain intelligence from TRM

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