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Identify investigative leads, build cases and follow the money across multiple blockchains

You need answers to increasingly urgent questions

As cryptocurrency usage continues to accelerate worldwide, the rate and magnitude of crypto-related crime has also increased, from nation state hacks to ransomware and tax evasion. Meanwhile, bad actors are using new techniques to evade traditional tracing tools.

This landscape requires better tools to fight crypto crime — tools unencumbered by legacy architecture, limited databases, and clunky user experiences. Initiate a step-change in your monitoring and investigative capabilities with TRM's next-generation blockchain intelligence tools.

Identify illicit actors

Link addresses to real-world services and threat actors

Follow the money

Trace funds from source to destination

See the big picture

Detect patterns of activity indicative of money laundering and other financial crime

trm forensics - build your case
TRM Forensics

Build your case

  • Trace the flow of funds across 29 different blockchains and 1,000,000+ assets, all viewed within the same graph

  • Access the largest database of high-risk addresses, compiled from our daily analysis of 10 million+ pages

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TRM Know-Your-VASP

Monitor entity risk

  • View real-time, dynamic risk profiles for thousands of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) and digital asset businesses

  • Identify suspicious transactions or AML violations based on 150+ customizable risk indicators

  • Order Know-Your-VASP reports securely within the platform for entities requiring additional due diligence

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trm know-your-vasp - monitor entity risk
trm professional services - get customized support
TRM Professional Services

Get customized support

  • Engage our team for one-time investigations or ongoing support for:
      •  VASP due diligence
      •  Source and destination of funds investigations
      •  Bulk data analysis
      •  Incident response
      •  Additional services on request

  • Leverage our expertise in numerous investigative fields, including blockchain analytics, law enforcement and threat intelligence

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"This is the Cadillac — the most bang-for-the-buck by far, and the most features for analysts to drill down into a case."

Federal Law Enforcement Agency

The people behind the platform

We've built a team of former top investigators, law enforcement officials and compliance practitioners to build future-proof solutions to public sector challenges

Jennifer Vander Veer

Head of Product, Forensics

Former Special Agent with the FBI, served on the Virtual Currency Response Team

photo ari
Ari Redbord

Head of Legal & Government Affairs

Former senior Treasury Department official and federal prosecutor

Paul Marrinan

Blockchain Intelligence

Previously at INTERPOL, EUROPOL, and with the Schengen Information System project.

Nick Carlsen

Intelligence Analyst

Previously an intelligence analyst with the FBI and a Korean linguist with the U.S. Army

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