TRM Wallet Screening

Proactively screen against high-risk crypto wallets in real time

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Why leading financial institutions and crypto businesses trust TRM

Identify high-risk wallets with a custom risk engine

Assess the risk of crypto wallets prior to authorizing a transaction. Customize your risk tolerance with over 150 configurations, covering the type of risk such as ownership, counterparty, and indirect, as well as categories like sanctions, scams, and more.

Connect crypto wallets to real-world entities with verifiable attribution

TRM attributes entities using intelligence from a dedicated threat team, advanced data science, and over 300 million sources monitored monthly, including sanctions lists and the dark web. See the attribution’s source and confidence level within the platform.

Make escalation decisions based on a holistic customer profile

View a wallet's alert history, including which rules have been triggered and open investigations. Document investigative notes. And see the source and destination of funds to identify changes in the wallet's behavior.

More reasons to choose Wallet Screening

Fast API response time

Submit a wallet address and in <400 milliseconds receive trading volume, a full list of risks and attribution

Complete risk monitoring

Use with TRM Transaction Monitoring for a robust pre- and post- transaction monitoring solution

Leading blockchain coverage

Screen 70M+ digital assets over 29 blockchains including all ERC-20 tokens, popular stablecoins, DeFi tokens and more

Protect against illicit activity

Join the fast growing list of organizations using TRM’s suite of products and proprietary threat intelligence to monitor and report suspicious activity.

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The 1inch Network addressed regulatory uncertainty with proactive compliance measures

1inch is reinforcing the security of its platform and increasing visibility into the financial crime risks associated with its users, resulting in:

  • Millions of wallets screened for sanctions and AML risks
  • Hundreds of high-risk addresses identified
  • Clearer visibility of threat typologies posing risk to 1inch
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A better standard of service

Best-in-class support

Our globally-based team — from Singapore to San Francisco — ensures round-the-clock access, including in-app support via chat

Expert incident response

Work with TRM’s global investigations team who specialize in end-to-end crypto investigations in the event of a hack, fraud or other incident

Principles-first training

Expand your team’s ability to investigate and detect crypto in financial crime with specialized training and self-paced online courses

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Easy to set up, easy to use

Start using TRM within minutes with a clean, easy-to-learn interface designed for beginners and loved by the pros

Built for global scale

We maintain 99.99% API uptime and operate on a highly available public cloud architecture

Trusted and secure

TRM undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit that certifies our best practices for security, availability, and confidentiality

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