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Trace the source and destination of cryptocurrency transactions

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Purpose-built for investigators
to disrupt crypto crime

Why leading agencies and organizations trust TRM

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Move investigations forward with universal tracing

Trace between entities and addresses, allowing for both rapid decision making at a macro level and the ability to drill into specific fund movements—essential for legal process.

TRM also surfaces flows between graph elements that are not yet plotted so that you can quickly find and visualize fund flows.

Uncover suspicious behavioral patterns with Signatures®

TRM automatically detects and surfaces suspicious patterns across transactions so that no investigative angle is left unconsidered.

Automatically trace common programmatic tactics, such as peeling chains and layering, and identify more difficult patterns such as potential change of custody and more.

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Make defensible decisions with reliable threat intelligence

TRM is the only blockchain intelligence platform that shows you the attribution source and confidence score, known as “glass box” attribution, for every attribution, enabling parallel reconstruction of investigations for use as evidence in court.

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Expand your analysis beyond the blockchain with custom graph elements

Integrate and visualize data not directly on the blockchain, widening your analytical scope.

Whether it's a physical asset, a financial institution, a location or something else, add off-chain data to your investigative graph and show the connection to any on-chain addresses or entities.

More reasons to choose Forensics

Automatic cross-chain tracing

Move seamlessly across blockchains to trace the flow of funds, drastically reducing investigation time

Multi-route pathfinding

See and visualize every path between an address and any category or entity through multiple hops

Victim reports

Accelerate investigations with the largest database of scam and fraud victim reports

Fingerprint Explorer

Quickly find BTC transactions using limited information or search based on specific transactional patterns

Case management

Consolidate and manage all details of an investigation such as graphs and notes in one place

Graph customizations

Hide elements, color code nodes and lines, add notes, add custom names and export in common formats

Unlock next-generation blockchain analysis

Join the fast growing list of organizations using TRM’s suite of products and proprietary threat intelligence to prevent and disrupt financial crime.

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FBI leads agencies to shut down Qakbot, seizes millions in bitcoin

The Qakbot botnet had been operating since 2008, infecting victims’ computers with malware that caused significant financial loss. The case resulted in:

  • $8.6 million in ransomware funds seized
  • Removal of the Qakbot malware from infected computers
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Best-in-class support

Our globally-based team — from Singapore to San Francisco — ensures round-the-clock access, including in-app support via chat

Expert investigative support

Embed TRM resources in your team or receive on-demand support from lead development to sentencing and any point in between

Principles-first training

Expand your team’s ability to investigate and detect crypto in financial crime with specialized training and self-paced online courses

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Easy to set up, easy to use

Start using TRM within minutes with a clean, easy-to-learn interface designed for beginners and loved by the pros

Built for global scale

We maintain 99.99% API uptime and operate on a highly available public cloud architecture

Trusted and secure

TRM undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit that certifies our best practices for security, availability, and confidentiality

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