TRM Forensics

Trace the source and destination of cryptocurrency transactions

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Search for an address, transaction, entity or event

  • View comprehensive risk profiles for wallets, addresses and entities, including high-risk on-chain activity or affiliates

Build graphs to trace the flow of funds

  • Trace the flow of funds across 28 different blockchains and 1,000,000+ assets, all within the same graph or table

  • Collaborate with your team in real time using built-in case management. Add notes, upload files, or link graphs, customers, transactions, alerts, and addresses to build a case.

Need a lighter version of Forensics?

Discover TRM Tactical

The mobile-first forensics tool for frontline investigators to analyze wallet addresses found on scene.

Explore TRM Tactical

The only tool with cross-chain analytics

Move seamlessly across blockchains to trace the flow of funds, visualize multi-layer relationships and drastically reduce investigation time with our proprietary technology for automated tracing.

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What's included

Our standards of service

Trusted and secure

TRM undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit that certifies our best practices for security, availability, and confidentiality

Agile and responsive

We release new features daily in relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and continuous innovation

Best-in-class support

Our globally-based team — from Singapore to San Francisco — ensures round-the-clock access, including in-app support via chat

Easy to set up, easy to use

Start using TRM within minutes, with a clean, easy-to-learn interface designed for beginners but loved by the pros

Built for global scale

We maintain 99.99% API uptime and operate on a highly available public cloud architecture

Industry-leading coverage of NFTs

Assess risk and identify any previous suspicious activity related to an NFT before engaging with a buyer or seller

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Ready to get started?

Fill out the form to schedule a demo with our team.

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