TRM Tactical

Rapidly triage blockchain data and accelerate crypto investigations on the frontline

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Why leading agencies and organizations trust TRM

Easily act on blockchain artifacts found on scene with OCR detection

Convert physical artifacts to blockchain data by taking a photo of blockchain addresses or transaction hashes to view on-chain activity.

Make on-the-spot decisions with enriched blockchain data and threat intelligence

Instantly access TRM’s data to reveal address information including balance, volume of transactions, portfolio of digital assets and links to known services or entities.

How Tactical can help you

Law Enforcement

Accelerate investigations and seizures of assets by determining if a crypto address has been associated with illicit activity such as scams, fraud or drug sales.


Triage artifacts found in the field to determine if they are associated with a person or organization of interest and should be retained.

Border Security

Assess possible crypto identifiers found in “pocket trash” or during border searches of electronics devices to determine if further investigation is needed.

Tax Authorities

Check wallet addresses or transaction hashes during examinations to get an easy-to-read report, identify any unreported sources of income and determine next steps.

More reasons to choose Tactical

Escalate to TRM Forensics

Add addresses and notes to cases and automatically notify other staff for review

See full search history

Quickly access addresses and transactions from previous searches

No crypto experience needed

Get started with an easy-to-use interface and access to mobile-first guides and training

Investigate from the palm of your hand

Get all of the power of TRM Forensics’ advanced blockchain analytics and threat intelligence no matter where you are.

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A better standard of service

Best-in-class support

Our globally-based team — from Singapore to San Francisco — ensures round-the-clock access, including in-app support via chat

Expert investigative support

Embed TRM resources in your team or receive on-demand support from lead development to sentencing and any point in between

Principles-first training

Expand your team’s ability to investigate and detect crypto in financial crime with specialized training and self-paced online courses

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Easy to set up, easy to use

Start using TRM within minutes with a clean, easy-to-learn interface designed for beginners and loved by the pros

Built for global scale

We maintain 99.99% API uptime and operate on a highly available public cloud architecture

Trusted and secure

TRM undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit that certifies our best practices for security, availability, and confidentiality

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