Assess risk for Virtual Asset Service Providers and other crypto businesses


Why leading organizations trust TRM

Make data-driven partnership and onboarding decisions with entity profiles

View profiles for over 26k VASPs and digital asset businesses—complete with on and off-chain data such as jurisdiction, licenses, information gathered through KYC and risky counterparty volume over time.

Monitor changes in risk with a custom entity watchlist

Add entities to your watchlist for periodic review. Quickly check for changes in risk score or other deviations from expected activity, including the volume that is linked to high-risk or illicit activity.

Rely on up-to-date and actionable intelligence

TRM has the largest and fastest growing database of illicit crypto activity and adds an average of 1k off-chain data points to entity profiles each week

More reasons to choose Know-Your-Entity

Counterparty summaries

Understand the types of entities a VASP engages with and the associated risk

Risk indicators

See a VASP’s risk score with risk indicators such as ownership type and category

Benchmark risk

Compare risk to top-valued cryptocurrencies and high-risk exchanges over time

Assess and monitor risk on an ongoing basis

Join the fast growing list of organizations using TRM’s suite of products and proprietary threat intelligence to monitor suspicious activity.

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A better standard of service

Best-in-class support

Our globally-based team — from Singapore to San Francisco — ensures round-the-clock access, including in-app support via chat

Expert incident response

Work with TRM’s global investigations team who specialize in end-to-end crypto investigations in the event of a hack, fraud or other incident

Principles-first training

Expand your team’s ability to investigate and detect crypto in financial crime with specialized training and self-paced online courses

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Easy to set up, easy to use

Start using TRM within minutes with a clean, easy-to-learn interface designed for beginners and loved by the pros

Built for global scale

We maintain 99.99% API uptime and operate on a highly available public cloud architecture

Trusted and secure

TRM undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit that certifies our best practices for security, availability, and confidentiality

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