TRM for Crypto Businesses

Monitor, investigate and report suspicious activity to meet
regulatory requirements and manage risk

Crypto demand is surging—your compliance suite should keep pace

As cryptocurrency usage accelerates worldwide, so have consumers' expectations for fast, seamless transactions. Crypto businesses who need to meet this demand — while also fulfilling their evolving regulatory obligations — can no longer rely on the clunky interfaces and limited databases of first-generation blockchain analysis tools.

The TRM platform introduces a new standard for crypto compliance, powered by blockchain intelligence that's easier to access, broader in scope and more configurable to parameters set by your organization.

Configurable risk scoring

Tune 150+ risk indicators to your firm's risk appetite for real-time scoring of digital asset wallets, transactions and entities

Cross-chain visibility

Get consolidated analytics across 30 different blockchains, all viewed within the same table or graph

70,000,000+ assets covered

Expand into new assets with compliance peace-of-mind

TRM wallet screening

Screen for high-risk wallets

  • Proactively screen for high-risk wallets, including explicitly sanctioned addresses and addresses associated with sanctioned entities

  • Continuously monitor wallets for changes in risk score

  • Link wallets to real-world entities in our database, with trusted data behind each record

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TRM transaction monitoring

Flag suspicious transactions

  • Monitor transactions across 1,000,000+ digital assets in real-time via API

  • Investigate alerts with an easy-to-use block explorer and graph visualizer

  • Record suspicious activity with collaborative case management

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TRM Forensics

Track the flow of funds

  • Trace transaction flows across 28 different blockchains, all viewed within the same graph

  • Access the largest and fastest-growing database of high-risk addresses, compiled by our dedicated threat intelligence team

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Conduct Risk Assessments on NFTs

Assess risk and identify any previous suspicious activity related to an NFT before engaging with a buyer or seller.

"The pace with which TRM can onboard new tokens is unrivaled. In a multi-chain world, that nimbleness is becoming increasingly important.”

Jai Ramaswamy
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
cLabs / Celo

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