Prove your crypto case in court

TRM’s blockchain intelligence is reliable, court-tested, and regularly used by law enforcement from investigation to legal proceedings

Crypto in the courtroom is growing — tip the scales in your favor

Law enforcement agencies are successfully conducting blockchain investigations more and more, using the evidence gathered to prosecute threat actors.

From investigators and prosecutors to judges and juries, it’s critical that they understand and effectively use blockchain artifacts and analysis.

TRM is at the forefront of equipping agencies with the expertise and tools to successfully conduct and close cases — avoiding trial when possible due to the strength and validity of verifiable evidence.

Verifiable threat intelligence

Minimize legal challenges with address-level tracing and transparent attribution — essential for parallel reconstruction

Training and certification

Get certified by former law enforcement officers on how to handle and present blockchain data so that it stands up in court

Expert witnesses

Win your case with subject matter experts, either to prepare your expert witnesses or provide testimony

Why leading agencies globally trust TRM’s data


To meet the highest standards of evidentiary scrutiny, TRM’s heuristics are rigorously tested and continuously monitored and refined


TRM uniquely provides “glass box” attribution that shows every attribution's source and confidence level


TRM was built on address-level tracing, which visualizes the flow of funds as it appears on the blockchain, represented through discrete addresses and individual transactions


TRM’s model and processes were independently reviewed and found to be sound and conservative with high-quality attributions


TRM can produce the same outcomes repeatedly when tested each time due to deterministic methodologies, consistent datasets, and rigorous quality control

Generally accepted

TRM has supported numerous global investigations, providing key evidence for search warrants, asset seizures, and formal charges

Unlock your crypto investigations with TRM’s attribution advantage

TRM ensures that our data is exceptionally reliable by establishing accurate ground truth data through our dedicated blockchain intelligence team and then extending the attribution through advanced data science.

Built for law enforcement by law enforcement

Chris Janczewski

Head of Global Investigations

Former IRS-CI Special Agent

Sujit Raman

Chief Legal Officer

Former Federal Prosecutor

photo ari
Ari Redbord

Global Head of Policy

Former Federal Prosecutor

Jennifer Vander Veer

Head of Product

Former Special Agent, FBI Cyber Task Force

Real stories, real success

Hear firsthand from law enforcement officers and prosecutors using TRM to seize back funds, get convictions, and disrupt criminal organizations.

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