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  • 29 blockchains, 70M+ digital assets
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Jonno Newman
TRM Global Investigations Former Head of Cybercrime Training and Prevention Section; South Australia Police

Chris Janczewski
TRM Head of Global Investigations
Former IRS-CI Special Agent

Jennifer Vander Veer
TRM Head of Product
Former FBI Special Agent

Emma Henshaw
TRM Global Investigations Formerly Surrey Police; South East Regional Organised Crime Unit


$5M in pig butchering funds seized

The U.S. Secret Service recently worked a romance scam turned investment scam where the victim and their family lost ~$5.5 million. The case resulted in:

  • $5M USD in stolen funds recovered
  • Seizure warrant granted within hours
  • Precise amount of funds stolen detailed out by victim

Through a romance scam, a victim and six family members lost ~$5.5M USD. The scammer used a fake crypto trading platform to convince them to make increasingly large crypto investments promising high returns.

Using information provided by the victim, USSS investigators plotted the flow of funds from the original investment platform address through dozens of addresses and multiple types of cryptocurrency. Using an alert function, investigators were notified in real-time when the funds moved out of an unhosted wallet and were able to seize the funds from a centralized exchange before they were cashed out.

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