Conduct Risk Assessments on NFTs

Manage NFT financial crime risk with blockchain intelligence from TRM

There's a safer way to issue, purchase and trade NFTs

Use TRM to assess risk and identify any previous suspicious activity related to an NFT before engaging with a buyer or seller.

Conduct due diligence on a specific NFT

  • Trace the flow of ownership to understand the NFT's complete lineage

  • Identify links to suspicious activity or entities among previous buyers and sellers

View comprehensive risk profiles of NFT holders, buyers and sellers

  • With TRM, you can see a wallet's current holdings (including NFTs), transaction history, risk indicators and more.

  • View a wallet's entire transaction history across hundreds of thousands of assets, or filter a wallet's holdings by a specific asset or NFT

Industry-leading coverage of NFTs

Get NFT coverage across Ethereum (including ERC 721 contracts), Binance Smart Chain, Solana and other key networks — plus expansive coverage of NFT marketplaces.

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