April 2024 Product Highlights: Enhance Visibility and Precision

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April 2024 Product Highlights: Enhance Visibility and Precision

Throughout April, TRM Labs proudly unveiled a series of innovative product updates for general availability that enable you to more confidently uncover, understand, and act on complex blockchain activities. From integrating non-blockchain information into your graphs to introducing sophisticated behavioral analysis tools, our latest updates are designed to empower our users to navigate and interpret complex blockchain data more effectively.

Here's a look at what's new this month at TRM Labs.

Expand your analysis beyond the blockchain with custom graph elements

Our new custom graph elements allow you to incorporate both on and off-chain data into your investigative graphs, providing a clearer, more comprehensive view of fund flows. This feature introduces off-chain nodes to represent non-blockchain data, such as physical assets or fiat accounts, and custom connections for plotting relationships between various elements. Custom graph elements empower you to visualize and analyze complex real-world scenarios with greater depth and a clearer narrative of events.

Behavioral Intelligence: Pioneering the third generation of blockchain investigations

Marking a significant advancement in blockchain investigation technology, we proudly launched Behavioral Intelligence. This third-generation technology features two innovative capabilities, Signatures® and transfer labels, to enrich the analysis of on-chain activities. Signatures detect suspicious behavioral patterns or anomalies, while transfer labels provide deeper insight into the context of transactions. Together, they offer a robust toolset for identifying and investigating complex schemes across various sectors including law enforcement, financial services, and tax authorities. Learn more in our press release.

Track Bitcoin asset balances with precision

Enhancing our tools for Bitcoin analysis, we now offer a running asset balance view within Forensics. This allows you to view wallet balances at the time of transactions, providing you with clearer insights into on-chain activity. It's particularly useful for criminal investigators who need detailed transaction histories to trace fund flows accurately, and compliance teams who need to assess sources of wealth or suspicious activities effectively.

Streamline your graphs with hidden graph elements

To help you maintain focus while navigating complex data, we've introduced the ability to selectively hide elements within your graphs. This new functionality supports a cleaner analysis environment by allowing you to declutter unnecessary data without losing track of it. An intuitive indicator alerts you of any hidden elements in your graphs, ensuring that important data is never overlooked—even when it's out of sight.

We are continually evolving our technology to meet the challenges of modern blockchain investigations and compliance requirements. We believe these new features will significantly enhance your analytical capabilities, helping you uncover and act against financial crimes with more visibility and precision.

For more information about how these innovations can benefit your organization, or to schedule a demo, please contact us. We are eager to assist you in exploring the full potential of our blockchain intelligence solutions.

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