Crypto Broker Floating Point Group Partners with TRM Labs to Enable Compliant Trading

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Crypto Broker Floating Point Group Partners with TRM Labs to Enable Compliant Trading

Hoboken, New Jersey-based Floating Point Group (FPG) has integrated with TRM's blockchain analytics platform to enable compliant trading across centralized and decentralized liquidity pools.

FPG's integration with TRM's platform amplifies its efforts to monitor on-chain transactions and apply real-time risk management at the speed required by sophisticated traders. TRM's API provides risk scoring on addresses and transactions based on a customizable set of indicators, including FATF's money laundering predicate offenses. Alerts are catalogued within a case management feature, fostering a streamlined and auditable process for FPG's compliance team as the organization continues to scale.

Regulated cryptocurrency businesses in the U.S. and beyond are increasingly focused on being able to demonstrate adequate processes and procedures for detecting illicit activity within their ecosystems. The technology and data analytics that underpin those risk management processes are a critical component.

"FPG is bringing exciting infrastructure solutions to cryptocurrency trading and fund management, and they recognize that security and safety is a key aspect of the value they bring to customers," said TRM CEO Esteban Castano. "TRM is proud to partner with FPG to enable robust risk management as this landscape continues to evolve."

"Effectively monitoring on-chain transactions across blockchains, VASPs, and DeFi applications is a complex challenge — one that requires real-time, dynamic threat intelligence," said FPG cofounder Van Phu. "We look forward to working with TRM to build a holistic understanding of illicit finance risks."

About Floating Point Group

FPG is an MIT-born startup accelerating the growth of the cryptocurrency economy to redefine finance. Their platform offers seamless access to the cryptocurrency markets for complex cryptocurrency trading operations by making it orders of magnitude easier and safer to fund accounts and settle trades. The company is backed by Tribe Capital, AngelList Founder Naval Ravikant, BoxOne Ventures, Seabury Global Markets, and a host of successful tech entrepreneurs and asset management executives.

FPG is headquartered in Hoboken, NJ with additional offices in Singapore. For more information visit

About TRM Labs

TRM Labs provides blockchain intelligence to organizations who need to detect, assess and investigate crypto-related fraud and financial crime. Trusted by financial institutions, crypto businesses and government agencies across the globe, TRM's risk management platform includes tools for crypto wallet screening, transaction monitoring, VASP due diligence and cross-chain investigations to trace the flow of funds. The platform enables a rapidly growing cohort of organizations to safely embrace cryptocurrency-related transactions, products and partnerships.

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