Exploit Radar: Solfire Finance Burns Victims with a Rug Pull

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Exploit Radar: Solfire Finance Burns Victims with a Rug Pull

Quick take

  • Solfire.Finance executed a rug pull on January 23, 2022 and deleted all public facing accounts.
  • Solfire.Finance scammers bridged over $3 million in customer funds to Ethereum and provided approximately $1.8 million in liquidity to a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol.
  • An Ethereum wallet attributed to the Solfire.finance scammer currently holds approximately $1.6 million while a Solana wallet holds approximately $59 million Fire tokens.

What happened

Solfire.Finance was launched on October 31, 2021 as an asset management app with an alleged diversified portfolio on Solana (sol). An archived version of the website reveals that Solfire.Finance ran a Github, telegram, and twitter account. By all appearances, Solfire.Finance seemed normal until a rugpull was executed January 23, 2022.

Figure: Screenshot of an introduction to Solfire.Finance obtained from an archived version

TRM Labs’ investigation indicates that the Solfire.Finance protocol began stealing user funds at approximately 3:41 UTC on January 23, 2022 with a large outbound sol transaction to a wallet likely attributed to the scammers. Two sol wallets received a bulk of the stolen funds from Solfire.Finance and proceeded to swap for USDC and USDT. The scammers quickly made these swaps to bridge the stolen funds to eth. One wallet likely attributed to the scammers currently holds approximately $1.6 million in eth while the other wallet provided liquidity to a DeFi protocol. Prior to the rug, scammers funded an eth wallet via a Tornado Cash deposit. This same wallet would later be used to fund the wallets that received the stolen funds bridged from sol.

TRM Labs graph displays the cross chain swap from Solana to Ethereum

TRM will continue to monitor on-chain flows associated with the Solfire.Finance rugpull and update our systems so that TRM partners are automatically alerted of any exposure to scammer wallets. Victims should consider filing a report with FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) here.

About TRM Labs

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