Fact Checking Recent Extremism Reports

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Fact Checking Recent Extremism Reports

A recent report claims that a Neo-Nazi Sent Bitcoin to Russian darknet markets

On July 15, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published a report entitled, "Neo-Nazi's Bitcoin History Suggests Russian Darknet Link." The report, which focuses on Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin, concluded that Anglin, "operates hundreds of different Bitcoin addresses that collectively transferred and received at least 1 million U.S. dollars’ worth of value, some to an apparent Russian darknet site that traffics in illegal activity."

While the SPLC's report implies TRM collaborated in its production, this was not the case. TRM played no role creating this report, aside from providing commercially available software.

TRM raised issues with the analysis in the article and SPLC issued a clarification.

Analyzing blockchain activity is nuanced. The right tools can help.

Our mission is to build a safer financial system for billions of people. We provide industry-leading blockchain data to help crypto firms, financial institutions, and governments detect fraud and financial crime on blockchains — from ransomware, to hacks, to terrorist financing.  

As a trusted data provider, we view the promotion of accurate analysis as a core responsibility. Incomplete reporting — especially on a topic as significant as domestic extremism — can perpetuate incorrect narratives about illicit finance and cryptocurrency. 

We look forward to supporting to work of the Southern Poverty Law Center and other organizations that are working to build trust and safety in the new crypto financial system.

Our expert investigators are standing by to assist with blockchain or cryptocurrency-related investigations. You may reach us at investigations@trmlabs.com.

For inquiries or more information about this, you may reach us at press@trmlabs.com.

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