German Authorities Arrest Man Suspected of Sending Cryptocurrency to ISKP

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German Authorities Arrest Man Suspected of Sending Cryptocurrency to ISKP

This week, German authorities announced the arrest of an individual with German, Polish and Moroccan citizenship at the Cologne/Bonn airport related, in part, to his “transfer of nearly USD 1,700  in cryptocurrency to an address linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP). 

The individual, according to reports, applied for a position at the European Football Championship (held in Germany in June/July 2024). Over the last few months, ISKP has been encouraging its supporters to target sporting events including major soccer/football matches.  

Following the arrest, TRM observed ISKP quickly move funds on the blockchain. This is similar to ISKP’s on-chain behavior following the terrorist attacks in Moscow in March, which were attributed to the group. As TRM reported in March, ISKP continues to utilize cryptocurrency to fundraise and fund its activities around the world.

TRM Labs is currently tracking dozens of fundraising campaigns associated with terrorist groups around the world. We are committed to supporting law enforcement globally who are working tirelessly to thwart terrorist attacks and continue to monitor the movement of funds.

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