TRM Talks: Investigating and Prosecuting a Cryptocurrency Case

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November 6, 2020

How in the world did the Department of Justice and the IRS just seize $1 billion in Bitcoin?  What happens now to the largest seizure of cryptocurrency in history?  How do the very best agents and prosecutors conduct these complex investigations into webs of financial transactions that span the globe?

Please join us for the November TRM Talks with former Assistant United States Attorney Zia Faruqui, IRS-CI Special Agent Chris Janczewski, and other special guests!  They are the dream team that investigated and prosecuted the most important cryptocurrency cases in recent history.  They disrupted North Korean cybercriminal hacking team Lazarus Group, took down the largest darknet marketplace for child exploitation Welcome to Video and seized millions of dollars in cryptocurrency headed to terrorist groups Hamas, al-Qaeda and Isis.

This team will provide some inside baseball on what it takes to investigate and prosecute the biggest cryptocurrency cases.

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