Matt Humphries, Former Australian Federal Police Digital Forensics Specialist, Joins TRM as APAC Director of Law Enforcement Relations

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Matt Humphries, Former Australian Federal Police Digital Forensics Specialist, Joins TRM as APAC Director of Law Enforcement Relations

Last month, former Australian Federal Police (AFP) senior digital forensics specialist Matt (Billy) Humphries joined TRM Labs as APAC Director of Law Enforcement Relations, bringing over 30 years of law enforcement experience in investigations, surveillance, cybercrime and digital forensics to TRM’s Australia team.

While at the AFP, Mr. Humphries was stationed across the APAC region, including in Indonesia and Malaysia before leading the establishment of the AFP’s first full time digital forensics capability in Thailand. Mr. Humphries travelled extensively across the APAC region, delivering technical training in digital forensics, cybercrime and cryptocurrency investigations. Mr Humphries also contributed to capacity-building via the sharing of subject matter expertise and operational assistance across the law enforcement community around forensics and cryptocurrencies.

Having played a key technical role in multiple counter terrorism, child exploitation and drug operations, Mr. Humphries has been recognized for the work he has done in developing mission critical digital forensics tools to accelerate the AFP’s investigative processes. During his time working on a major counter terrorism operation, Mr. Humphries led the AFP’s effort to bypass application encryption to access key artifacts using a unique process to gain entry to specific data points in a clearly interpretable format. Further to this, in 2011, Mr. Humphries developed a tool enabling investigators to preview a suspect’s computer in a forensically sound manner, allowing the AFP to safely review, among other things, child exploitation materials. Mr. Humphries was awarded the AFP Commissioner’s Medal for Innovation for his groundbreaking digital forensics work in this operation.

In his new role at TRM based in Australia, Matt will be drawing on his cross-functional digital forensics and investigations experience to actively provide cryptocurrency investigation capabilities to law enforcement across the APAC region. 

“One of the highlights of my career at the AFP was being able to work with a multitude of dedicated and talented teams of investigators who shared a common goal to fight crime in all its forms. Moving to TRM Labs will enable me to work alongside a talented team of TRM investigators and to support a network of dedicated law enforcement agents across the APAC region to ensure that they have the necessary tools and knowledge to combat crypto-based financial crime.”

“Matt’s years of law enforcement experience, combined with his penchant for innovation, make him a phenomenal leader in the digital forensics space,” said TRM co-founder and CEO Esteban Castaño. “Matt will offer critical support to TRM’s law enforcement partners in the region as they face increasingly complex crypto-based investigations.”

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