New Guide: Elevating Ongoing AML Supervision

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New Guide: Elevating Ongoing AML Supervision

As blockchain technology continues to become more widely adopted in both the public and private sectors, the need for strong regulatory oversight over these entities and the digital assets they support has grown, too. 

For anti-financial crime regulators and supervisory bodies, interpreting transaction data and financial crime monitoring alerts from virtual asset service providers (VASPs) is now a critical component of ongoing, risk-based supervision.

Regardless of whether regulators are carrying out routine supervision, or whether they’re investigating a specific alert or event-driven risk, it’s never been more important for regulatory bodies to understand the risk exposure of the VASPs under their supervision, or be able to identify the entities operating outside the regulatory perimeter. 

A key tool to aid in all of this? Blockchain intelligence: A form of analytics combining raw blockchain transaction data with real-world threat intelligence to identify links between entities and indicators of illicit activity.

In our latest guide, “Elevating Ongoing AML Supervision: How to leverage blockchain intelligence in processing VASPreporting and alerts,” we take a deep-dive into how regulators can use blockchain intelligence to gain a more comprehensive view of a VASP’s risk exposure and make data-driven decisions—specifically in the monitoring stage of the regulatory lifecycle.

The guide includes:

  • An overview of the role blockchain intelligence plays in anti-money laundering (AML) supervision
  • Examples of the types of information regulators might request from the VASPs they oversee
  • Guidance for reviewing alerts and evaluating risk
  • Detailed examples of event-driven reporting scenarios (and how to use blockchain intelligence tools like TRM to resolve them)

Download your copy here.

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