TRM Joins US Secret Service and Security Service of Ukraine for Hands-On Crypto Investigations Workshop

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TRM Joins US Secret Service and Security Service of Ukraine for Hands-On Crypto Investigations Workshop

Recently, TRM Labs joined the U.S. Secret Service and the Security Service of Ukraine for a public private collaboration on cryptocurrency investigations. The session was hands-on capacity building for a group of experienced investigators in support of their mission to protect Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens against organized crime and terrorism. As Ukraine protects both its homeland and fights for democracy around the world, it is critical Ukrainian financial crime investigators have the tools and capacity they need. It is an honor to support their mission.

TRM Labs, through TRM Academy and in partnership with law enforcement entities worldwide, has trained thousands of agents and investigators across the globe. TRM's global investigations team - made up of former law enforcement officials - has conducted trainings in over 30 countries on six continents providing in depth training on cryptocurrency investigations and ensuring that foreign partners have the necessary capacity to take on emerging threats.

TRM's Rita Martin, former United States Secret Service, at a training for global law enforcement

TRM Academy's mission is to empower the protectors of the crypto ecosystem through education. In addition to live trainings, TRM Academy includes an online learning portal featuring an extensive library of self-serve digital courses aimed at providing industry expertise and blockchain intelligence upskilling to tens-of-thousands of law enforcement agents and analysts around the world. Included in the online learnings are five industry-recognized certifications, providing in-depth, self-instruction on a range of blockchain and crypto subject matter experts.

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