TRM Talks Crypto Regulation and Enforcement in Latin America

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TRM Talks Crypto Regulation and Enforcement in Latin America

Hosting the largest number of internet users per capita in the world, Latin America has seen a booming wave of technological advancement in recent years. In just the last two years, we have seen an explosion of interest in digital assets in the region.

Just last year, El Salvador became the first country in the world to approve a cryptocurrency as an official legal tender, leading to a global discussion on the risks and opportunities associated with the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

We have also recently seen policymakers in Brazil, the region's largest crypto hub, begin the process of developing a regulatory framework for digital assets by passing a bill addressing key definitions, consumer protection, anti-money laundering, fraud and other key issues.

Simultaneously, other countries in the region, such as Mexico, are working to define a regulatory framework for crypto clearly. On the other hand, some countries, such as Bolivia, have banned the use of cryptocurrencies entirely.  

With so much activity, both positive and negative, happening in the crypto space within Latin America, TRM Talks will be delving into the region’s regulatory landscape alongside guest speakers from Bitso and K2 Integrity.

This webinar is hosted by TRM Labs, a blockchain analytics company. We work with crypto businesses, financial institutions and government agencies to monitor, detect and investigate fraud and financial crime in crypto. Learn more about our mission to build a safer financial system for billions of people here:

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