TRM Talks | Incident Response: Following Crypto Hacks

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TRM Talks | Incident Response: Following Crypto Hacks

The exponential growth of the Internet of Money has created a broad attack surface for threat actors. The same properties that make crypto a force for good — permissionless, programmable, and instantaneous value transfer — are being hijacked by ransomware groups, scammers, and hackers to attack at unprecedented speed and scale.

In 2022 alone, we have seen nation state hackers steal hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto, and ransomware groups have been targeting hospitals, critical infrastructure and small businesses.This threat calls for a strong response that brings together the public and private sectors to ensure the hardening of cyber defenses and, where this fails, an incident response system to ensure that funds are traced, tracked and recovered.

In this special edition, we will be conducting a tabletop exercise that brings together critical players to depict how to respond to a breach in real time.

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