TRM Talks: Lazarus Heist

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TRM Talks: Lazarus Heist

Over the last few years North Korea has attacked the cryptocurrency ecosystem at alarming speed and scale, stealing over a billion dollars in cryptocurrencies to use for weapons proliferation and other destabilizing activity. In June 2022, TRM's Ari Redbord moderated a TRM Talks with experts from the U.S. State Department, Harvard's Kennedy School, and TRM Labs to discuss the North Korea threat and how to mitigate it.

In July 2023, we build on that discussion with this special TRM Talks: Lazarus Heist with "Lazarus Heist" author, and co-host of the BBC's Peabody Award nominated podcast of the same name, Geoff White.

Mr. White discusses the first and second seasons of the podcast which focus on North Korea's attack on Sony Pictures and the Bank of Bangladesh as well as the evolution and growing sophistication of North Korea's elite, state sponsored, cybercriminals. In addition, Mr. White discusses North Korea's pivot to theft in the crypto ecosystem and how law enforcement and regulators are using authorities to mitigate the risk of North Korea cyber attacks. This is an in-depth and fast paced discussion into some of the most interesting and timely issues in the crypto space.

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