TRM Talks: Toward a Tokenized Economy - An In-Person Conversation

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TRM Talks: Toward a Tokenized Economy - An In-Person Conversation

Today 114 countries across the globe – 95% of the world’s GDP – are working on a central bank digital currency including the United States which continues to study the efficacy and design of a digital dollar. At the same time, we are seeing the growth of decentralized finance, the proliferation of U.S. dollar backed stablecoins, and continued adoption of cryptocurrencies globally despite the “crypto winter.” We are also seeing regulators across the globe – from Dubai to Hong Kong, Europe to Singapore, the UK, Australia, Japan, Brazil and beyond – create legal frameworks for digital assets. Even in the U.S., where the environment has been characterized by enforcement activity, every branch of the U.S. government is now engaged in the discussion of how to regulate the digital assets space. But, what will the digital assets ecosystem look like as it grows and matures? How do we navigate complex questions of security and privacy? Can CBDCs and cryptocurrencies co-exist?

TRM Labs’ Ari Redbord is joined by former Chairman of the CFTC and Digital Dollar Board Chair J. Christopher Giancarlo, Paxos General Counsel Dan Burstein and FalconX Deputy GC Purvi Maniar to discuss the future of finance for our first in-person TRM Talks in collaboration with the Digital Dollar Project.

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