TRM Tactical

The blockchain forensics mobile app for identifying wallet addresses on the frontline — even with minimal blockchain experience

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Uncover cryptocurrency evidence anywhere without blockchain experience

TRM Tactical is the mobile-first web application purpose built for frontline investigators and tax authorities

Designed for frontline law enforcement staff to uncover crypto evidence

Surface cryptocurrency evidence by identifying wallet addresses and publicly-accessible asset portfolios

Follow the money from anywhere

Identify the source and destination of cryptocurrency transactions

Unlock the power of TRM’s advanced blockchain data analytics and threat intelligence

Determine if a wallet is connected to illicit activity including fraud, money laundering, or financial crime

No blockchain experience necessary

An easy-to-use interface includes access to mobile-first on-demand guides and trainings

Easily identify wallet and blockchain addresses and transactions on the scene:

  • Extract blockchain addresses or transaction hashes from images via optical character recognition (OCR)

  • Enter a blockchain address to search and validate it

Instantly access TRM’s database of 28 blockchains and 1 million+ digital assets to access information about addresses including:

  • Balance

  • Transaction history

  • Portfolio of digital assets

  • Activity period including first and last active dates

  • Source and destination of funds including connections to known services or entities

Review past address searches and associated blockchain data

  • Accelerate investigations with more efficient data recall

  • Quickly access blockchain data for multiple addresses from a past search

Escalate a crypto address to TRM Forensics case management

  • Share addresses to specific cases with other law enforcement staff

  • Automatically notify other staff to review the escalated address

Access trainings from the world’s leading experts on cryptocurrency investigations

  • Learn from investigative blockchain and crypto experts from anywhere

  • Gain an understanding of the latest tactics in crypto hacks and financial crime