Meet Anna Ren: Data Engineering at TRM Labs

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Meet Anna Ren: Data Engineering at TRM Labs

Prior to joining TRM, Anna led a team focused on measuring and improving data quality at Flatiron Health, a health-tech company that provides an oncology-specific EMR system and packages de-identified cancer-patient data for research. Before that Anna, a chemical and biological engineering major, worked for Spring Inc., an e-commerce startup and Spirent Communications. Over the course of her career, Anna has come to value deeply being a member of a great team and understand the importance of having great mentors.

Anna, can you tell us about your role at TRM?

I’m a Senior Data Engineer, so I focus on ensuring our products have the latest and most reliable data flowing through the platform. This includes architecting, and scaling our data pipelines so TRM users can count on having the most extensive coverage of blockchains in the crypto ecosystem. Managing the data that power billions of dollars of economic activity and is shaping a new financial culture makes for an environment where you are always learning!

Great engineers are in high demand these days...why TRM?

I wanted to work with a great team with people I could learn from everyday in a fast paced environment. While I am not the greatest athlete, I love the feeling of playing and competing on a great team where everyone has a crucial role and everyone works together to push each other to be better. At TRM I saw an opportunity to compete —  to build — with a great team of inspiring colleagues. Most of all I wanted to have an impact and solve problems. What greater impact can you have than by building a safer financial system for billions of people?

What is your favorite part about working at TRM?

Everyone I’ve worked with so far has been really knowledgeable, helpful and kind. And I can tell that people take pride in their work and bring their best everyday, and being in that kind of environment is the most important thing to me. The focus at TRM is on problem solving —  we are constantly working to be more effective, more adaptable and more responsive. It is an environment that encourages innovation and testing limits. There is so much to learn!

What excites you most when thinking about the future of TRM or the industry as a whole?

Our company and this space are moving so quickly. For both TRM and the industry, I know that we will continue to see constant change, growth and innovation and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Thanks for sharing; we're thrilled to have you on board!

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