May 2024 Product Highlights: Efficient, insightful, and user-friendly

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May 2024 Product Highlights: Efficient, insightful, and user-friendly

Throughout May, TRM Labs released a series of important product updates for general availability that enhance efficiency, provide deeper insights, and improve user accessibility. These updates underscore our commitment to continually improving our solutions to better serve our customers.

Here’s a look at what’s new this month at TRM Labs.

Enhanced Wallet Screening

We’ve made several improvements to TRM Wallet Screening. Now, it’s easier to rescreen previously screened addresses directly from the UI. You can filter wallets based on criteria such as chain, date screened, risk score, address, and more to quickly find and rescreen the wallets of interest. Additionally, we've increased the number of addresses you can screen within the UI, allowing for better bulk screening.

We’ve also made the UI faster, enabling you to complete your tasks more efficiently—ensuring a more streamlined and effective screening process.

Expanded transfer labels

In April, we announced that TRM is pioneering the third generation of blockchain investigations: Behavioral Intelligence. One of the critical capabilities of Behavioral Intelligence is transfer labels, which enrich the context of what specific transactions signify on-chain. In May, we added contract creation and contract destruction to our growing list of transfer labels.

Available for Ethereum, these new labels allow customers to see whether a transaction included the creation or destruction of a smart contract. This is crucial for understanding the lifecycle of smart contracts and can help identify potentially suspicious or noteworthy activities, providing deeper insights for more informed investigations.

Smarter search results

We’ve improved fuzzy matching for entities when searching in TRM Forensics. There are many creative entity names out there, sometimes making it a challenge to remember the exact spelling, capitalization, or spacing used in these names. Our updated search algorithm is now better aligned with your intended search, making it easier to find the entities you’re looking for, even if you don’t have the exact details.

Improved accessibility

We have enhanced the accessibility of our products, becoming more compliant with a11y standards. We’ve increased our compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 A/AA standards, enabling customers to navigate more of TRM with their keyboard and screen readers. And we’ve added more high-contrast colors and fonts throughout the product to ensure easy readability for all users.

— — —

Our continuous product improvements are designed to provide our customers with the best possible blockchain intelligence. For more information about how these innovations can benefit your organization—or to schedule a demo—contact us.

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