TRM Academy Highlights: New Offerings and Insights | May 2024

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TRM Academy Highlights: New Offerings and Insights | May 2024

For learning institutions around the world, annual commencement season is well underway. It's also a time of celebration and growth at TRM Academy. We're thrilled to present to you with a new monthly summary of our offerings including new courses, expanded language support, insightful global threat primers, and a brand-new feature that fosters collaboration and innovation. Let's begin!

Expanded language support for certifications

We're excited to announce that our core self-paced certifications are now even more accessible. Crypto Fundamentals Certification (TRM-CFC) is now available in both French and German, and Certified Investigator (TRM-CI) is available in French.

Threat primers from around the world

Beyond upskilling with our principles-first certifications, TRM Academy also enables you to stay ahead of threats with the latest insights from our blockchain intelligence experts. This month, we have published deep-dives on:

  • Terrorist Financing Brief: Mujahideen Brigades: Hear how since January 2024, the Gaza and West Bank-based terrorist group Mujahideen Brigades has been soliciting cryptocurrency donations for its operations
  • How DPRK Uses Crypto and Blockchain: Discover the ways North Korea leverages cryptocurrency to evade sanctions and fund military actions, with unique insights into their hacking strategies and laundering methods
  • Bootcamp for Global Regulators: Delve into the complexities of regulating virtual assets and their service providers (VASPs), and learn key takeaways from recent enforcement actions around the world
  • Demystifying CSAM Consumers: Follow the pattern on chain with our experts to learn how they discovered a new heuristic that led to the attribution of over 10,000 BTC addresses

Introducing TRM Academy Forum

Engage, collaborate, and learn with our new Forum! Join discussions on new product features, share best practices for sanctions exposure, and connect with peers from around the globe. Your knowledge fuels the global community of investigators, compliance practitioners, and more!

New certification: Crypto Seizure Specialist

Equip yourself with the skills to disrupt cryptocurrency-related crime with our Crypto Seizure Specialist (TRM-CSS) certification. Designed exclusively for law enforcement officials, this course covers everything from understanding cryptocurrency fundamentals to executing effective asset seizures and recovery strategies. It’s loaded with tactical guidance, practice exercises, and even led to the creation of our own ERC-20 token. Carpe some crypto in TRM-CSS.

If you’re already a TRM Academy learner, then login today to access the above resources. Not already a TRM customer and interested in blockchain intelligence, including training and certifications? Learn more about TRM Labs.

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