TRM Receives Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating in Crypto Compliance Survey

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TRM Receives Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating in Crypto Compliance Survey

In a recent survey by Jump Capital, which analyzed responses from 27 crypto exchanges, brokerages, and financial institutions, TRM Labs was found to have the highest customer satisfaction rating among blockchain analytics providers, having been “strongly recommended” by every company in the surveyed group that currently uses our services.

“It’s great to see these responses reinforce our commitment to customer success, which has been foundational to our growth model from day one,” says Esteban Castaño, CEO and co-founder of TRM Labs.

The results also indicate a wider trend in which crypto businesses and financial institutions are growing more experienced in evaluating and selecting a blockchain analytics provider, with 96% of respondents currently using a vendor, and the remaining 4% considering using a vendor within the next year. “This is an area where companies are also seeking new and better solutions, as 33% of respondents are already using a vendor but still considering using a different vendor,” according to the survey report. 

“Chainalysis and TRM are also the top blockchain analytics vendors that are being considered to be used over the next year and seem to be establishing themselves as the two leaders in this category,” the survey report also notes.

Crypto’s rise as an asset class worth more than $1.5 trillion has made regulators, legislators and tax authorities around the world increasingly focused on how crypto fits into existing compliance frameworks and on crafting new crypto-specific rules. In this environment, regulatory compliance and risk management is a critical issue for crypto companies and financial institutions.

Jump Capital is an investor in over a dozen of the leading crypto exchanges/brokerages across the world, including TRM Labs. In conducting the survey, Jump Capital received responses from 27 companies, including many of the largest crypto companies in the world. The majority of responses came from companies based in North America, but it also included responses from companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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