TRM Talks: NFT Risks and Opportunities

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TRM Talks: NFT Risks and Opportunities

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) — unique crypto assets hashed to a blockchain — have taken the world by storm. From Cryptopunks to NBA Top Shot, Beeple to Bored Apes, NFTs have impacted sports, pop culture, gaming and art. There are discussions of NFTs in healthcare, real estate, record keeping, and myriad other use cases where certification of authenticity is critical. How can businesses get involved safely?

Watch the final TRM Talk of 2021 to hear answers to the big questions surrounding NFTs from Jennifer Lee, Head of Compliance at Anchorage Digital (which recently helped Visa with its historic purchase of a Cryptopunk); Cody Berlin, Chief Technology Officer at NFT marketplace Autograph, and Joe McGill, former U.S. Secret Service Agent and resident expert on illicit finance risks for NFTs at TRM Labs. In this session, we cover:

- What are NFTs?
- What are the use cases present and future?
- What are the risks and how are regulators and compliance teams working to mitigate them?

Watch the recording above, or:

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